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What are your opening hours ?

Tues: 8am - 6pm

Wed-Thurs: 8am - 8pm

Friday: 8am - 6pm

Sat: 8am - 4pm


Do i really, really, really need a skin test before any colouring treatments ?

Yes, you do, your health comes first for us. The test will take under two minutes and you can pop into any one of our salons, even if you are not getting your hair cut at that salon. We can do the test any time you want - between 48 hours to three weeks before your appointment. The possibility of an allergic reaction is very very low, but the potential danger to your health is serious enough to always warrant the test. We understand some salons don't insist on this, but ask yourself this

Why would they be prepared to take the chance, given the risk ?

Please, please, think twice before going to any salon/stylist that is prepared to use colour products without checking.



Do you serve refreshments in the salon ?

Not at the moment, due to COVID-19 guidance,,however we have a lovely coffee shop next door that does takeaway... This is their menu

B E V E R A G E  M E N U



 English Breakfast Tea

Green Tea

Peppermint Tea

Café Latte



Flat White



Hot Chocolate



Still Water

Sparkling Water

Orange Squash

Summer fruit Squash




What is your cancellation policy ?

Yes we do, apologies in advance, however we will text you three days prior to your appointment, as a reminder, simply reply 'yes' or if you can't make it 'no'. Your appointment updates on the system automatically. If we don't here from you within 48 hours, we will try to contact you, finally if we can't get a hold of you, your appointment will be offered up to someone else and your deposit will be forfeit. You can't say fairer than that ! Please also see our Privacy Policy



How can I keep my hair looking good after my visit to the salon ?

Our stylists are technical masters in cutting hair so that it falls naturally into place, and will serve you well, long after you’ve left the salon. To help you keep the colour, condition and shine, we use KMS and Goldwell's range of products in Salon, we've tried others, trust us, but nothing else comes close to the mark. We also retail KMS and Goldwell's full range in Salon, so you can keep that healthy glow and condition.



Can I be a model ?

Yes ! two ways !!

  • We train, train and train again ! We are committed to developing our in house talent, we train modern apprentices in salon, all their work is checked over by their mentor, so you can be confident of an excellent finish ! You help us , we help you, so the cost is dramatically reduced !

  • We are looking for the next catwalk queen ! It can be challenging work, but very rewarding being a model, various competitions are selected up to a year in advance for our stylists to enter. Could you be the next big thing ? are you an insta master or do you have the raw talent ? We are always interested and open to chat, please email




Are dogs welcome ?

Yes Please ! We are a family of dog lovers, please just ensure your perfect pooch is ok with the hussle bussle of a busy salon. The last thing we want to do is stress them out. 



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